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Welcome to Wholesale Patch Cables.com!

We have the lowest rates possible on Ethernet patch cables, patch panels, Cat5E and Cat6 jacks and other Ethernet network related products.

The reason we have become the go to source for so many network and IT professionals is simple – we use our wholesale buying power to keep our inventory high. Then we keep our margins tight.

The reason we have become the go to source for telecommunication and datacomm contractors is because we provide products that they use daily at prices that allow them to add profit to every service call and to every project.

And here’s the best part. We have the highest quality Ethernet patch cables. We have Cat5E and Cat6 jacks and patch panels that are 3rd Party tested, UL listed and exceed all standards. We research our manufacturers and test ALL products that we decide to stock.

Whether you are buying one Cat5E patch cable for your small business or 500 Cat6 patch cables for a call center you are building, your order will ship same day, from one of our US based warehouses and orders of $50 or more, ship free*.

Have questions? Contact us! We respond to most emails within an hour – even on the weekends…..we are well aware that not all work happens M-F…..

Want to see the product for yourself? Order a sample kit. The kit includes:
• 1ea, 2’ Cat5E Ethernet Patch Cable
• 1ea, 2’ Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable
• 1ea Cat5E Ethernet Jack (110 Punchdown, Keystone Style)
• 1ea Cat6 Ethernet Jack (110 Punchdown, Keystone Style)
• 2ea Cat5E RJ45 Connectors W/ Rubber boots for those that make their own
• 1ea White Keystone Faceplate

You only pay for the shipping.

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope to become one of the reasons that you become more profitable and more efficient. Your just simply not going to find this quality of patch cables, patch panels and keystone jacks – anywhere else for this kind of price.

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